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Metales de corte láser y poderes de corte láser aplicables

Potencia láser requerida para cortar metales

Metales de corte por láserPotencia láser mínima para cortar metalEspesor de corte láserEspesor mínimo de corte láser
Tubos de acero al carbono/tubos de corte láser1000W6mmAcero al carbono 6mm
Tubos de acero inoxidable/tubos de corte láser1000W4mmAcero inoxidable 4mm
Tubos/tubos de acero galvanizado de corte láser1000W3mmAcero galvanizado 3mm
Tubos/tubos de aluminio de corte láser1000W3mmAluminio 3mm
Tubos/tubos de latón de corte láser1000W2mmLatón 2mm
Tubos/tubos de cobre de corte láser1000W1mmCobre 1mm

Tipos de materiales metálicos que pueden cortarse mediante máquinas de Corte de tuberías láser

Las máquinas de corte de tubos láser de fibra de Golden Laser se pueden aplicar para cortar tuberías hechas de varios metales de corte por láser, como cobre, latón y acero inoxidable. Al mismo tiempo, se pueden proporcionar servicios de corte de metales si no tiene presupuesto para comprar todo el equipo. Elija máquinas o servicios personalizados de metal cortado por láser para minimizar su costo de corte por láser de metal. Las aplicaciones de las máquinas en diferentesLos materiales metálicos se muestran de la siguiente manera.

Why Laser Pipe Cutting Machine Is the Best Choice To Cut Metal Pipes?

Metal cutting methods include saw cutting, mechanical cutting, oxygen acetylene cutting torch, EDM cutting, toothless saw cutting, water jet (including emery) cutting, plasma cutting torch, laser cutting torch, shearing machine, blank cutting machine, flying saw, Die + Punch and so on. The fiber laser tube cutting machine is most suitable for cutting metal tubes. Thanks to the advanced hardware and software, the processing speed is breakneck, and the precision is high.

● Automatic focusing laser cutting head, when processing metal pipes of different materials and thicknesses, the laser pipe cutting machine can automatically quickly adjust the focus to the appropriate position. The efficiency of the laser cutting machine will be significantly improved, and the perforation time of thick pipes can be significantly reduced.

● Fiber laser pipe cutting machine can perform multi-directional, multi-angle, and arbitrary graphics, precise and efficient cutting of metal pipes, integrating laser cutting, laser marking, and laser drilling. Easy vertical cuts, bevel cuts.

● Compared with the traditional pipe cutting tools, the fiber laser cutting pipe cutting machine has a smoother cutting section of the finished pipe cut by the laser pipe cutting machine. The finished pipe can be directly used for welding, reducing the processing process. Compared with traditional pipe cutting tools, the process of cutting, punching, and bending pipes will consume many molds. Fiber laser cutting pipes not only have fewer processes, high efficiency, less loss, and higher quality.

● Golden Laser has developed a series of multi-functional laser pipe cutting machines that can be arbitrarily cut for different pipe types, which is suitable for the processing industry. Users with high technological requirements can choose a fiber laser pipe cutting machine for efficient production!

The Advantages of Laser Pipe Cutting Machine Compared with Traditional Metal Processing Methods

Laser pipe cutting machining is a non-contact processing method. Laser drilling, slitting and contour cutting are performed on the surface of the metal pipe through a highly concentrated laser beam. The accuracy of the equipment is significantly improved. Compared with traditional processing methods, the advantages of laser pipe cutting are as follows:

The Laser Pipe Cutting Machine Has Higher Precision

Traditional pipes are cut manually, so each cut part is different, while laser processing uses the same fixture system, and the processing design link is directly completed by the programming software, and the processing can be completed in one process with high precision. In modern manufacturing, the accuracy of laser pipe cutting machines has become one of the most important criteria for measuring laser cutting, and laser cutting is currently a more accurate cutting processing mode.

The Laser Pipe Cutting Machine Is Faster

The laser can cut several meters of pipe in one minute, and the efficiency is hundreds of times that of the traditional manual cutting method. This means that the laser pipe cutting machine has an efficiency that is difficult to compare with the traditional processing method.

The Laser Pipe Cutting Machine Is Much More Flexible

The laser of the laser pipe cutting machine can flexibly process various shapes, and designers can carry out complex designs, which is unimaginable under traditional processing methods.

The Laser Pipe Cutting Machine Can Do Batch Metal Processing

The standard pipe length is 6 meters. The traditional processing method needs to be applied to a rather bulky fixture device. The laser processing of the laser pipe cutting machine can easily complete the clamping and positioning of several meters long pipes, and the feasibility of batch processing is also higher.

In the actual processing process, many users, in addition to the standard round tube cutting, there are also many special-shaped tube cutting. There are also many users who are always worried about whether the laser pipe cutting machine can cut the special-shaped tube. This is completely unnecessary worry, because at the beginning of the design of the pipe cutting machine, metal pipes of different sizes and specifications have been considered. It uses an electric clamping chuck, which can automatically clamp square tubes, round pipes and special-shaped pipes of different specifications and types. The scope of cutting is more extensive.

The laser pipe cutting machine can quickly occupy the sheet metal processing market due to its excellent performance. The use of the laser pipe cutting machine for tube processing and production is the choice of more and more manufacturers. I hope the above content can help everyone learn more about laser tube cutting machine.

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